Eating wings is an activity that is only associated with watching sports.
 To break this association, we made chicken wings the champion of watch parties.
Wingstop's "Wing Ding Ding" game adds wings to every relevant cultural moment.
Winner of the Leo Burnett Summer Internship Program
Vincent Choy (AD), Brooklyn Carey (Strategist), Parker Crier (AD),
Maya Horton (Producer),  Makena Elhert (AM), Jerusalem Singleton (CW)

turn your watch party into a flavor party!

Using the Wingstop App, users can predict what will happen during their favorite live event.

Correct predictions will earn players points towards free wings!

Yeah, pretty cool.

But how do we make it bigger?

Let's attach it to the biggest cultural event of the new decade.


Wingstop will create a politically themed

"Flavor Party," hosting debate and election watch parties.




Flavor party attendee's can play Wing Ding Ding on their mobile device while at the event.

Can't make it to the event? No worries.

Wing Ding Ding can still be played anywhere the event is being live streamed.

Created during Leo Burnett summer internship program

Team 3