solo cups

When moving to a new city, people struggle with making new friends and adjusting to the new environment.
Even though you're new to the city, SOLO makes sure you aren't alone.
Copy: Evan Caris

tinder partnership

The Tinder app will feature a "NO SOLOS" mode where you can connect with people who are also new to the city, without having to feel awkward. you can match with free events sponsored by SOLO to gain exclusive access to those events and meet new people!
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Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.13


solo final prints-01.png
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limited edition cups

Limited edition cups will have glow in the dark rims and feature ice-breakers at the bottom that can keep the conversation going.
inside of cup-01.png


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Solo will set up places to play classic drinking games at public transportation stations so that people can meet new people
while they wait on their bus or train to arrive.
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