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dixon ticonderoga

Manufacturing pencils negatively impacts the environment because it uses wood and other resources. Dixon wants to counteract this by creating a plantable pencil that gives resources back to the environment.

Dixon’s new plantable pencil is the feel good choice consumers want.

case study



Yeah, pretty cool.

But how do we make it bigger?

Let's attach it to the biggest cultural event of the new decade.

wingstop 2020-01.png


Flavor Party Venu v2.png

Wingstop will create a politically themed

"Flavor Party," hosting debate and election watch parties.



Website V3_macbookpro15_front.png
Wingstop Cup.png


bachelorette social.png
flavor party social.png

Flavor party attendee's can play Wing Ding Ding on their mobile device while at the event.

Wing Ding Ding Election .jpg

Can't make it to the event? No worries.

Wing Ding Ding can still be played anywhere the event is being live streamed.

Wing Ding Ding Election at Home.jpg

Created during Leo Burnett summer internship program

Team 3

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