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the glass dimension

A rainbow of dots march behind 

a clear, dust-covered battlefield.

The flickers strike my pupils

like lightning in a bottle of sand.


Unable to withdraw my gaze

I fall into a drunken haze.

My eyes flutter, intoxicated

with the promise of rest for the night.


Silly me,

TIme does not exist behind

The shadows of the screen.


Welcome to the Glass Dimension:

Where my dreams sleep

and sleep does not dream,

only trapped within a frame.


Panic freezes my stiff cadaver while

sleepless thoughts chase my numb mind.

I feel an exhale behind my neck,

a candid reminder of isolation.



face down while the pixels prance,

like the flames of my nightmares

a motionless dance. 


The Sun’s oath carries my spirit

while I yearn for light to come.

Freedom from the prison

that is this Glass Dimension.


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